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Thermal Pest Control

Thermal Pest Control exclusively focuses on Bedbug eradication.
With over six years of experience dedicated specifically to Bedbug extermination Thermal Pest Control will guarantee a successful outcome and a good night's sleep for you and your family.

"Bed Bug Life Cycle" image used with permission from Convectex

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Bedbugs (Bedbugs 101)

To better understand the culpret, we give you Bedbugs 101!

  • Identifying Bedbug Bites

    Bites are commonly found on exposed skin and there will usually be multiple bites in a concentrated area. Everyone's immune system reacts differently and Bedbug bites are no different. One household member may have many bite marks where other family members may have little or no indication of bites. Often the bites will be red, small, flat or raised spots which will become inflamed if scratched.

  • What To Do

    Do NOT Panic!
    Don’t throwout beds or furniture as you my end up spreading the Bedbugs throughout your home.
    Resist the urge to use consumer grade Bedbug sprays and bombs as these weak poisons can agitate the Bedbugs and cause them to disperse into other areas of your home
    Call a professional --- Call Thermal Pest Control! (703) 261-4760

  • Do I Have Bedbugs?

    The Telltale Signs:

    Bites in clusters on the body are usually the first sign you have bedbugs.
    Grouping of small black dots (bedbug feces) will be visible near where they are hiding.
    Red or dried blood spots on your sheets.
    Bedbugs cluster together under the mattress or boxspring usually toward the head of the bed. Bedbugs can also be found in wooden bed frames and headboards.
    Bedbugs can hide in a space that is the width of a credit card.

  • What Bedbugs Look Like

    Adult bed bugs are about the size of apple seeds, and present as in the top photo on this page.