Bed bugs can't take the heat

Need to kill your

bed bugs?

Bed bugS removal using Heat treatment/ bed bug Extermination

in hours not days!

  • No pesticides
  • No chemicals
  • No bed bug spray
  • No worries... every square inch of your home or business is treated
  • No more bed bugs... guaranteed*

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Bed bugs hitchhike and affect hotels, homes, airlines, and taxis.

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We at Thermal Pest Control, understand how bed bugs and bed bug infestations can adversely affect your business or personal life.  Bed bugs are indiscriminate and can affect anyone at any time. Even the cleanest hotel rooms and houses get bed bugs.  We use heat which is a green, non-toxic, ​method to exterminate all bed bugs and their eggs in one treatment. Heat penetrates every square inch from floor to ceiling.  No need to struggle with DIY treatments to kill bed bugs, Thermal Pest Control is here to help. Don't wait... get a free, no obligation, consultation today!

​​​​​*Guarantee requirements detailed in supplied contract

bed bug infestations can strike anyone anytime anywhere

​​  Affordable Bed bugS heat treatment extermination and pest control servicing MD, VA, washington dc and surrounding areas.